But today, shit changed, there isn’t a name in the game that doesn’ t give me props
I got bars, I always went the beef way,
Never ran away, never been a cheap skate,
They say they’ ll get the gang
I tell em’Bhai lan’ do (bring ‘ em) just like Enrique
Heard alot of nonsense
But never heard what’ s right
used to take the bus to school
Now I sit first class in a flight
Didn’t feel bad when the DJ didn’ t play my shit
in Gurgaon we keep guns,
If you don’ t get it,

I might have to spray that shit
I’ m Underground like the depths of hell
Gave them death like I’ m the law itself.
Worked hard on my grind
now KR dollar sign, you know it well
They jealous seeing me do great
Didn’ t realise people were so fake
Now they hate, but I don’ t give a fuck like girls on the first date
Headstrong, couldn’ t break my will apart
They couldn’ t kill me or kill my art
Smoked weed but lost hope for god
I am married to the game, I never broke her heart
(I swear) I don’ t sleep too sound
I kept my belief and never let mine down (I swear)
They always want the fruit of the tree, that they didn’ t even plant in the ground (I swear)
Heard they want war with me,

They jealous, it’ s a family affair
The one with the Golden coloured mermaid hair
Send a sub towards me, I’ ll destroy everything you seek
I’m not new to this game, boy i’ m 12 years deep
Look at them run and hide
Look at the tears in their eyes,
Tell me where were you when I was rocking clubs in two thousand and nine?
I’ m the one that brought the flames
I’ m the one that put you in your grave
Lost the right to call yourself a rapper,
Ever since I gave India the real taste
Tryna be Hip Hop, I got you all torn up (x3)
It’ s like my songs turned YouTube into PornHub
Look who’ s back again
don’ t waste paper, just leave your pen

I set fire like a riot in the end
Talk shit but they never rap
Got big ego’s so they don’ t follow back
Only backstab but they never tag
That’ s why they failed after dab
Got fire like Shabana Azmi
That’ s why they burn like bastards do
KR$NA was here before you
And KR$NA will be here after you