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Winzo Gold App Link latest version get free Royal Pass Season 11 Hello investors, my name is Sagar and in this video we’ ll talk about HDFC Life Insurance
we will talk about their business model, financials and valuations
Let’s start with their history, Until 90′ s, there was a monopoly in the life insurance sector. It was dominated by Life Insurance Corporation of India
They didn’ t need to innovate and bring new products in the market because they knew they were the only players
but the Government allowed private players to enter this sector in 2000 and this is when this company started
It started as a partnership between HDFC and Standard Life Aberdeen (well known provider of financial savings & investments services in the United Kingdom)
Let’ s talk about their management. The CEO is Vibha Padalkar. She has been in this company for more than 10 years
Prior to her appointment at HDFC Life, she has worked in varied sectors such as global FMCG and in an international audit firm.
she has done a great job in HDFC Life Insurance because this company is number one in market share among the private players
Let’s talk about their business model. Let’ s understand what these life insurance companies do first.